Scholarships for International Students in UK

Scholarships for International Students in UK

Scholarships for International Students in UK

Once again, UK fully funded Scholarships for International Students in UK is available for all to participate and enjoy for free as this is one of a kind and have been going on for several years back. This funded scholarship is both for undergraduates and post graduates which will kick of on January 4th, 2023. Always stay tuned on TruePort for more

To reward outstanding achievement and to help ensure that fears about finance do not constrain prospective international students from considering study at the University of Birmingham, we are pleased to offer a number of prestigious international scholarships. Scholarships for International Students in UK

College & Departmental International Scholarships at Birmingham

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences offers a wide variety of scholarships and bursaries for undergraduate students, many of which are open to international applicants. You can find further information if you are applying for an undergraduate degree in the School or Department of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic Electrical & Systems Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy & Materials or Physics & Astronomy on our dedicated webpage.

The College of Medical and Dental Sciences offers a number of postgraduate scholarships and International applicants are eligible.

The College of Arts and Law offers a range of postgraduate scholarships and undergraduate scholarships in Law and International applicants are eligible.

The Birmingham Business School within the College of Social Sciences offers Business subject related postgraduate taught scholarships and International applicants are eligible.

The College of Life and Environmental Sciences offers a number of postgraduate scholarships for International applicants.

Other sources of funding at Birmingham

The University maintains searchable databases of all scholarships, university-wide, open to undergraduate or postgraduate applicants. International applicants are advised to review the relevant database to check their eligibility and apply if appropriate. The University also supports a series of high profile undergraduate scholarship programmes within the UK, some of which may also be open to international students. More information about these programmes can be found on our scholarships, grants and bursaries webpage.

Other external sources of funding

The University of Birmingham currently supports international students who come with funding from over 250 individual sponsoring ministries, governments, charities, companies and partner organisations. If you are seeking financial assistance to study in the UK, you may wish to discuss this with your employer or contact your domestic Ministry of Education, who may be able to advise you on your own government’s support programmes for overseas study. The British Council (or Embassy/ High Commission) in your country will also be able to inform you of any other UK scholarship programmes for which you may be eligible.

*The information displayed on this website may be subject to change. The University of Birmingham reserves the right to amend its scholarship provision without notice.

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Scholarships for International Students in UK


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