The 2023 AWIEF Awards for Women Entrepreneurs in Africa

The 2023 AWIEF Awards for Women Entrepreneurs in Africa

The 2023 AWIEF Awards for Women Entrepreneurs in Africa

Every year, the African Women in Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF) honors efforts to empower African women entrepreneurs. The AWIEF Awards for Women Entrepreneurs in Africa identify and celebrate excellence in business practices and entrepreneurship among African women. 

Nominations are now open for the 2023 edition of the prestigious AWIEF Awards, which recognize, honor, and celebrate women entrepreneurs and business owners in Africa and across various industry sectors for their achievements and contribution to the continent’s inclusive economic growth and social development.

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Requirements for the 2023 AWIEF Awards

  1. Nominees for the AWIEF Awards should be developing and established female entrepreneurs in the private business and not-for-profit sectors who have exhibited excellent vision, leadership, and inspiration in spite of challenges to make an important social impact and/or become successful in their businesses in line with AWIEF’s core areas of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and socio-economic development.

Winners of the 2023 AWIEF Awards will be announced and celebrated at a special gala dinner at the AWIEF2023 conference, which is set to take place on 9 and 10 November 2023 at the Kigali Convention Center, Kigali, Rwanda in partnership with Rwanda’s Ministry for ICT and Innovation and Rwanda Convention Bureau.

Categories for the 2023 AWIEF Awards

The AWIEF Awards covers 8 categories with the ensuing criteria:

The Young Entrepreneur Award

Nominees must be young female entrepreneurs and start-ups between 18 and 35 years old who have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and skills to build and grow successful and sustainable enterprises. Young entrepreneurs must exemplify leadership in their field and the importance of entrepreneurship to effect positive change. They are inspirational and must have achieved tangible and material success (revenue and number of employees can indicate this).

Tech Entrepreneur Award

Nominees should be female entrepreneurs who have created innovative, ground-breaking, and game-changing technology ventures or start-ups.

Agri Entrepreneur Award

Nominees should be female entrepreneurs who have achieved significant business success and recognition in the agriculture and agribusiness value chain with evidence of traction and impact on food security and/or the environment.

Energy Entrepreneur Award

Nominees should be female entrepreneurs in the oil & gas and/or green energy & renewable energy sectors who are operating successful businesses with an impact on energy access and/or availability in their communities and countries.

Creative Industry Award

This award recognizes the disruptive, creative, and entrepreneurial success of a woman in the film, music, food, beauty, arts, fashion, media, advertising, design, and crafts industry.

Empowerment Award

Nominees should be women who have greatly contributed and invested in inspiring, mentoring, and empowering women and girls, thereby significantly impacting the communities in which they operate, and society at large.

Social Entrepreneur Award

Nominees should be female entrepreneurs who have developed an innovative, systemic, and sustainable solution that directly tackles a social issue, thereby having a transformative social impact on their communities and countries.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Nominees should be established women entrepreneurs and role models who have demonstrated prolonged and consistent achievements in business, and exceptional and outstanding business leadership. The award also recognizes significant contributions made to job creation and the economy.


Application Deadline: 31 July 2023.

The 2023 AWIEF Awards for Women Entrepreneurs in Africa

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