The 2023 Pulitzer Center AI Accountability Fellowships

The 2023 Pulitzer Center AI Accountability Fellowships

The 2023 Pulitzer Center AI Accountability Fellowships

The 2023 Pulitzer Center AI Accountability Fellowships

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The 2023 Pulitzer Center AI Accountability Fellowships is a unique and remarkable program prepared to aid investigative journalists and news organizations in employing artificial intelligence (AI) to carry institutions and individuals accountable for their actions. The program is arranged by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and seeks to help journalists use AI to reveal stories that would or else go untold.

The fellowship is available to journalists and news associations around the world who have experience in investigative reporting and a track record of delivering impactful journalism. Fellows will obtain a stipend of up to $15,000 to assist their reporting and will have access to training and mentoring from experts in AI and data journalism. The Fellowship is prepared for reporters from all beats, desks, and formats who want to enlarge, deepen, and diversify reporting on artificial intelligence with an accountability lens.

Journalists ought to apply for a reporting project they desire to follow during their Fellowship. Pulitzer Center promotes enterprise and accountability projects that employ a variety of approaches including data analysis, records requests, and shoe-leather reporting, to delve into the real-world impact of algorithms on policy, individuals, and communities.

In its first year, the Fellowship assisted 10 Fellows reporting in 10 countries. The 2022 cohort of AI Fellows wrote on themes crucial to equity and human rights, such as the impact of AI on the gig economy, social welfare, policing, migration, and border control.

In 2023, while they accept projects on a wide content of cases connected to the impact of AI in society, Pulitzer Center will also induct particular emphasis on certain topics. Pulitzer Center is aiming to sponsor at least one project that investigates the intersection of AI and conflict, war, and peace. In collaboration with Digital Witness Lab at Princeton University, they are also recruiting one project that focuses on the role the messaging platform WhatsApp plays in influencing public discourse in a particular community. Applicants with reporting projects on these topics are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Eligibility for the 2023 Pulitzer Center AI Accountability Fellowships:

In order to be eligible for the 2023 Pulitzer Center AI Accountability Fellowships, applicants must be:

  • Open to staff or freelance journalists working on a wide range of platforms, including print, radio, video, and multimedia.
  • Team players with the experience and/or ability to work collaboratively across newsrooms and borders.
  • Reporters with a deep interest in how AI impacts the world, and why this issue matters to our global well-being.
  • Reporters are willing to participate in outreach activities related to their investigations, such as events at schools and universities.
  • Reporters can be based anywhere. The Fellowships are remote.


  • The opportunity to work on an urgent, underreported issue for a substantial period of time.
  • Access to mentors and specialized training opportunities.
  • Pro bono legal and public records access support.
  • A community of like-minded colleagues that will continue beyond your Fellowship.
  • Financial support of up to $20,000 to cover records requests, travel expenses, data analysis, and stipends.
  • The opportunity to find strong collaborators for your project or future projects.

Documents Required for Application

  • A short statement of purpose: how this Fellowship fits in your career path and why you are best positioned to be an Al Accountability Fellow. (500 words)
  • A detailed description of the reporting project you seek to pursue during your Fellowship. Do not propose general themes but propose a concrete project that shows some pre-reporting on the subject. A compelling, well-researched project proposal with a reporting plan will help you stand out among dozens of applicants. (500 words)
  • A budget that lays out the anticipated costs of the project. Categories may include records requests, software, data analysis, travel and lodging, and stipends.
  • Three examples (links) of your best stories published in the past three years (not necessarily on artificial intelligence).
  • A letter of commitment or interest from a media organization(s) that would publish your story(ies). If you are a staff reporter, a signed letter from your editor or newsroom manager confirming you have their support in applying for the AI Accountability Fellowship. This letter should explicitly state that your newsroom will allocate time for you to participate in the Fellowship activities and the newsroom will support publishing the stories you produce through this Fellowship. It can also include information on why your manager thinks you would be suited for this Fellowship.
  • Three professional references: These can be either contact information or letters of recommendation.
  • A copy of your resume or curriculum vitae.




The 2023 Pulitzer Center AI Accountability Fellowships

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