The 2023 Unilever Future Leaders Programme for Graduates

The 2023 Unilever Future Leaders Programme for Graduates

The 2023 Unilever Future Leaders Programme for Graduates

The 2023 Unilever Future Leaders Programme for Graduates

Apply now for The 2023 Unilever Future Leaders Programme for Graduates on Trueport your best worldwide scholarship website on the internet. Young voices have always been a powerful catalyst for change. At Unilever, you can make things happen with your positive energy, enthusiasm, and original ideas. Bring your purpose to life in the work you do – and together, we can lead the way to a sustainable future. The 2023 Unilever Future Leaders Programme for Graduates

The Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP) takes place typically over three years and gives you the opportunity to learn all about our 400 diverse brands, business, and sustainability efforts. You’ll not only bring your unique perspective to work, but you’ll also explore your purpose across a number of placements. You’ll benefit from formal training, dive into on-the-job experiences, and have a mentor by your side that’s there when you need one. Try something new every day and explore an exciting career journey right here at Unilever.

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Programme Details

  • 2-4 years of accelerated development
  • Leading and being a part of purposeful work
  • Diverse roles and experiences
  • Multiple rotations in and across functions
  • Each region may also include its own selection criteria to qualify for the programme, please check the local country job descriptions
  • Non-traditional learning experiences
  • Global Exposure
  • A personalized development journey
  • A dedicated senior career sponsor to help guide you as you craft your career
  • Minimum requirement: Bachelor’s degree (geographical requirements may vary across our locations)


Be empowered to make a positive impact.

Bring your purpose into action

Meet diverse but like-minded people.

Stay true to the causes you care about and bring your real self to work – it’s our differences that bring us closer together as one team

Be a force for good.

Take your sense of curiosity and open-mindedness into the world and help grow our business

Develop into your best self.

Competitive salary

When you join Unilever, you will start on a competitive salary and receive an annual bonus based on your performance.

Learning and development

UFP supports everything that enables you to grow in your role and beyond – from hands-on experience to mentoring and training programmes.

Health and wellbeing

Being healthy is important to us all. Where possible, we provide on-site gym facilities, regular health checks, and an extensive suite of mental health and well-being resources.

Flexible working

Unilever encourages all employees to take regular leave to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Relocation and placement support

Where possible, UFP provides relocation support when moving placements.

Commit to the training, mentorship, and career development and you’ll have the ability to build a career with purpose.

As a part of the UFLP, you will be assigned a dedicated career sponsor who will guide and mentor you throughout the programme. You will work with your career sponsor to craft your goals for your career and map out the experiences required to achieve them. These experiences will include:

  • Functional critical experiences in your specialisation function
  • Flexible goals to create value through business, sustainability, and leadership impact
  • International experiences working in multi-national teams through virtual global projects or international placements
  • Empowerment to build your leadership skills and agile thinking

Your journey may also include various non-traditional developmental experiences including:

  • Working with NGO partners to be a force for good
  • Sustainability Projects for a better world
  • Short-term, fast-paced projects working with flexible cross-functional teams


The 2023 Unilever Future Leaders Programme for Graduates

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