The 2023 Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize

The 2023 Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize

The 2023 Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize

The 2023 Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize is a prestigious annual award that identifies and honors outstanding teachers around the globe who may have conducted remarkable contributions to their profession. This prize was founded by The Varkey Foundation, a non-profit organization that functions to develop and enhance education standards around the world.

The Global Teacher Prize is accessible to all teachers who presently teach in a school setting, either from kindergarten to 12th grade. Teachers are judged by their teaching practices, their effect on their students and community, and their commitment to the profession. The winner of the Global Teacher Prize obtains a cash award worth US$1 million, which is paid in continual installments over ten years. The prize money is planned to be utilized to improve the winner’s work and impact as a teacher. In addition to the cash prize, the Global Teacher Prize awards a platform for the winner to share their expertise and experiences with the wider teaching community, and also opportunities for professional development and networking.

The Global Teacher Prize has evolved as one of the best and most prestigious awards in the field of education, with hundreds to thousands of nominations accepted from over 130 countries. The winner is declared at an annual ceremony attended by prominent figures in education, government, and the media. The 2023 Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize is an amazing opportunity for excellent and exceptional teachers to be acknowledged for their hard work and dedication to the profession, and to motivate others to seek excellence in teaching.

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In 2013, the Varkey Foundation assigned Populus, the highest research and strategy consultancy, to accumulate in-depth opinions from 21 countries to analyze attitudes about the teaching profession; teachers’ salaries; students’ attitudes towards educators, and how participants rated their own education systems.

Eligibility for the 2023 Varkey Foundation Global Teachers Prize

  • The Prize is open to presently working teachers who teach children that are in compulsory schooling or are between the ages of five and eighteen.
  • Teachers who teach children age 4+ in an Early Years government-recognized curriculum are also eligible, as are teachers who teach on a part-time basis, and teachers of online courses.
  • Teachers must spend at least 10 hours per week teaching children face-to-face, and plan to remain in the teaching profession for the next 5 years.
  • The Prize is open to teachers in every kind of school and, subject to local laws, in every country in the world.

Application Deadline: May 7, 2023

The 2023 Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize

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