The Kaduna State ICT Scholarship Programme 2023 at Mewar University

The Kaduna State ICT Scholarship Programme 2023 at Mewar University

The Kaduna State ICT Scholarship Programme 2023 at Mewar University

Apply now for the Kaduna State ICT Scholarship 2023 at Mewar University on Truesport your best worldwide scholarship website on the Internet. Kaduna State Government, desiring to transform the state into a knowledge-based economy and technology hub for Northern Nigeria, has developed its ICT scholarship originally for girls of both genders. Hosted at Mewar International University, Nassarawa State, associated with Mewar University, India, this scholarship covers tuition and accommodation for four years.

In a commendable initiative that aspired at cultivating a knowledge-based economy and transforming Kaduna State into Northern Nigeria’s technology nerve centre, the State Government initially carved out scholarships exclusively for 50 aspiring young women in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Yet, life threw a curveball and merely 35 applications trickled in.

Embracing flexibility, the government has assumed a pivotal step. It’s no longer just for the ladies! The Kaduna State Government ICT Scholarship is now thrown open to both males and females, setting a vibrant tone for a more inclusive tech ecosystem.

The scholarship is a golden ticket to Mewar International University, Nassarawa State, where you don’t just earn a degree but embark on an enriching journey. This University isn’t a standalone entity. It’s the proud branch of Mewar International University, India. Why does this matter? With a rich legacy in medical courses and ICT, the Indian parent University generously funnels academic resources and vital materials down to its Nigerian counterpart, ensuring students get the best of both worlds.

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To be eligible, applicants must have met the conditions below:

  • Academic Excellence: Five credits in Science or ICT-related subjects. You’ve got to show prowess with B’s in both Mathematics and Physics and all in one sitting.
  • A minimum of 180 JAMB Score
  • Essay Skills: Don your writer’s hat, for penning an essay is non-negotiable.
  • Those who have got an innovative project and wish to embark on


  • Four years of tuition fees are entirely covered
  • Accommodation concerns are covered


Your future awaits just a click away. Dive into the official application portal and take the plunge.

In the ever-evolving technological arena, Kaduna State is not just participating; it’s striving to lead the way. With opportunities like these, the state is not only bridging the gender gap but also weaving a stronger, tech-savvy community. Don’t just be a spectator, be a part of the change!

Application Deadline: August 7, 2023




The Kaduna State ICT Scholarship Programme 2023 at Mewar University

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