Call for Creative Ideas: The 2023 WEkEO Hackathon Program

Call for Creative Ideas: The 2023 WEkEO Hackathon Program

Call for Creative Ideas: The 2023 WEkEO Hackathon Program

The 2023 WEkEO Hackathon Program seeks to assist creative and data-skilled people in developing tools to enhance climate resilience and positively impact our environment. During the hackathon, teams will be able to open all the WEkEO platform features to grow their projects, directed by coaches and mentors. The 2023 WEkEO Hackathon Program

Tackling 1 of the 5 challenges defined below, the teams should use at least 2 sources of data available to develop projects such as (but not limited to):

  • Innovative ways of visualizing data
  • New dashboards of indicators
  • What-if scenarios and tools to simulate scenarios
  • Using Data to raise awareness

The Copernicus data obtainable on WEkEO can assist in many references to support decision-making, in the execution of EU directives connected to climate change and the achievement of the SDGs. In this hackathon, participants are inquired to come up with innovative ideas within the coastal, arctic, health, and energy sectors, offering projects which would support effective and sustainable policymaking, management, and planning.

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Eligibility Conditions for the 2023 WEkEO Hackathon Program

  • Participation is absolutely free of charge and open to participants from all European Union (EU) Member States and EU-associated countries.
  • Participants from other countries can also join.


The 3 winning teams will acquire one-year access to the WEkEO platform paid cloud computing, including the following services:

  1. Discover datasets
  2. Download
  3. Jupyter Notebooks
  4. Support
  5. Virtual Machines
  6. Processing tools
  7. Free networking (in and out)

They will also be given a chance to launch their projects in front of different audiences and will witness their project showcased by the organizers, particularly (but not limited to) adding the project as a use-case in the WEkEO Website. The following certificates will be issued:

  1. Certificate of participation: For participants who contributed to a team correctly formed and competing in the hackathon.
  2. Winners certificate: For the participants who contributed to a team that ranked in the first 3 places.


12 of June: WEkEO Hackathon Warm Up Kick Off

15 of June: Introduction to WEkEO and data from Copernicus Services

19 of June: Matchmaking & Team Formation

20 of June: Ask the WEkEO and Copernicus Experts!

22 & 23 of June: Hackathon

Application Deadline: June 21, 2023


Call for Creative Ideas: The 2023 WEkEO Hackathon Program

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