Funding for African Climate Startups

Funding for African Climate Startups

Funding for African Climate Startups, A new opportunity has emerged for early to mid-stage African startups working on climate adaptation and resilience solutions. Funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland (‘Irish Aid’), the A&R Clim Accelerator program will support 16 teams from across the African continent.

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The program seeks solutions that address physical climate risks or build community resilience. Examples of eligible solutions include:

  • Drought-resistant agriculture technologies
  • Flood prevention and management systems
  • Early warning systems for extreme weather events
  • Sustainable water management solutions
  • Heat-resistant building materials and designs

Selected startups will receive the following:

  1. Tailored business coaching
  2. Professional guidance on finance
  3. Support defining their solution’s climate impact potential
  4. Preparation for future investment opportunities

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be incorporated in an African country for 5 years or less
  • It must be a for-profit entity
  • Must offer an adaptation and resilience solution

Funding for African Climate Startups Criteria:

  • Innovation and scalability of the solution
  • Potential for climate impact
  • Team expertise and commitment
  • Market potential and business model viability

Benefits: Mentorship Support:

One-on-one support to refine business strategy, solve challenges, and identify sustainable growth opportunities.

Access to Finance:

A results-based grant of €2,500 to support streamlining operations, increasing efficiencies, and creating positive climate impact.

Business Development Services:

Assistance with incorporation, management structure, governance, staffing, operations, business planning, market planning, and financial management.

Climate Change Mainstreaming:

Coaching on climate risk assessment and opportunity identification. Support in integrating sustainability and climate adaptation/mitigation approaches into operations.

Program Duration:

6 months of intensive support and mentorship

Post-Program Support:

Graduates will join an alumni network with ongoing networking opportunities and the potential for follow-on funding introductions.

This program presents a valuable opportunity for African entrepreneurs working on innovative climate solutions to receive funding, mentorship, and business development support. The program welcomes applications from all African countries and will be conducted in English.

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