The 2024 Future of Film Africa Incubation Program

The 2024 Future of Film Africa Incubation Program

The 2024 Future of Film Africa Incubation Program

Apply now for the 2024 Future of Film Africa Incubation Program on Truesport your best worldwide scholarship website on the internet. The Future of Film Africa is the outcome of an alliance between Sèmè City and Future of Film, the world leader in cinematographic innovation. Their goal is to disclose and support the next generation of content creators, offering them with an exceptional opportunity to bring compelling and original stories to life.

Future of Film Africa, goes far more than a simple incubation program; It’s a unique creative adventure that combines the latest technology with innovative creative storytelling practices. They offer young creators an unparalleled experience to hone their talent, explore innovative production methods, and access a network of experienced mentors.

Supported by the World Bank, the program aims to equip participants with the skills to develop their project from concept to market-ready proposal, highlighting creative genius “made in Africa”. The 2024 Future of Film Africa Incubation Program

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The program is available to a multitude of creative profiles, from 18 to 35 years old.

  • Profile: Filmmaker, photographer, vlogger, student, or simply passionate about creating multimedia content.
  • Project Format: Whether it is an immersive virtual reality adventure, an exciting podcast, a powerful web series or a captivating video game, all original and daring projects are welcome.
  • Project Potential: Projects capable of being deployed on several platforms and presenting strong commercial potential will be given priority.

All ideas, large and small, are welcome, as long as they are original, with a clear and enthralling reason for existing, as well as a determined audience.

NB: You can submit alone or as a team.

  1. The program takes place in two phases. The first is virtual including masterclasses, networking, and one-on-one individual development with Future of Film. Selected projects will also benefit from professional audience research testing.
  2. At the end of this phase, three projects will be chosen to continue in more advanced stages of the program, with more personalized support.
  3. These final projects will have the opportunity to be presented to a panel of influential executives, financiers and buyers from the screen industries sector.
  4. The ultimate goal is to successfully fund final projects and empower participants to build sustainable businesses based on their creations.
  5. The program is delivered in English, but submission of projects in French or other languages is possible, as long as participants can complete the training modules and present their work in English.


    • Access to Global Expertise: Benefit from mentoring sessions and masterclasses led by global experts in the screen industries.
    • Development of Complete Projects: The program supports participants from the initial conception of their project to the development of a proposal ready for market.
    • International Visibility: Participants will have the opportunity to present their projects to a panel of influential managers, financiers and buyers from the screen industries sector.


  • Complete the application form: Go to our platform to submit your application, highlighting the originality and commercial potential of your project.
  • Attach a portfolio: Attach any additional resources illustrating your creativity and experience.
  • Give free rein to your creativity: Express your passion for content creation through your application, demonstrating how your project stands out and makes a unique contribution to the world of storytelling and digital content production.
  • Submit your application until January 12, 2024

Application Deadline: January 12, 2024.


The 2024 Future of Film Africa Incubation Program

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