The Aspire Institute Emerging Leaders Program 2024

The Aspire Institute Emerging Leaders Program 2024

The Aspire Institute Emerging Leaders Program 2024

Apply now for the Aspire Institute Emerging Leaders Program 2024 on Truesport your best worldwide scholarship website on the internet. The Aspire Leaders Program receives low-income, first-generation college students and recent graduates around the world to partake in a free online captivating leadership journey including professional skills training, an exclusive course planned and delivered by Harvard faculty, and interactive seminars led by world-class educators.

After completion, Aspire Institute empowers alumni to continue their leadership development through seed funds, workshops, and a vibrant global network of peers and mentors.

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  • 18-26 years old
  • Low-income background
  • First-generation college student or recent graduate but not enrolled in a graduate program
  • Intermediate level English

If you meet these eligibility criteria and submit a 10 minute application, you will be accepted!


Aspire Leaders Program Journey

Module I: Personal and Professional Development

  1. Strengths-based leadership skills assessment.
  2. Professional development resources co-created with Harvard Business School for creating a LinkedIn profile, crafting your resume, tips for interviewing, and how to network.
  3. Live interactions among a global cohort of peers.

Module II: Immersive Learning

  1. Master classes led by world-class educators from universities around the world.
  2. Asynchronous and synchronous learning with a global cohort of peers and mentors.

Module III: Aspire Leadership Course: Societal Impact for First-Generation Leaders

Six session leadership development course designed and delivered by Harvard University faculty.

  1. Week One: Understanding Yourself as a Leader
  2. Week Two: Importance of Understanding Context and Building Trust
  3. Week Three: Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence
  4. Week Four: Voices of Leaders
  5. Week Six: Live Discussions – Being in Action in Your Communities Worldwide

Alumni obtain access to a spirited community of young leaders, mentors, and funding opportunities.


Cohorts: Each cohort will partake in the same three module program with a new group of Aspire Leaders. Apply and join us on this journey today!

Cohort I: Application Now Closed

  • Cohort 1 Program Dates: Jan. – April, 2024

Cohort II: Application Deadline: Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST (Boston, USA)

  • Cohort 2 Program Dates: April – Aug., 2024

Cohort III: Application Deadline: Wednesday, July 3, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST (Boston, USA)

  • Cohort 3 Program Dates: Aug. – Nov., 2024

Application Deadline: January 11, 2024



The Aspire Institute Emerging Leaders Program 2024

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