2024/2025 University of Tokyo MEXT Scholarship for International Students

2024/2025 University of Tokyo MEXT Scholarship for International Students

2024/2025 University of Tokyo MEXT Scholarship for International Students

The University of Tokyo in Japan has declared the MEXT Scholarship for International Students for AY 2023/2024 and 2024/2025. This scholarship is open for international students who desire to further a master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Tokyo.


The number of applicants to be selected by the Graduate School of Science to the University of Tokyo, as well as the number to be subsequently nominated by the University of Tokyo to MEXT, shall be finalized after the application period has closed. In the last round (application for 2020 entrance) each Graduate School will be allowed to nominate at most one applicant, and the University of Tokyo will be allowed to nominate at most three applicants to MEXT.

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International students

  • with outstanding academic records
  • Who wishes to enter Japan in September 2023 as a new student
  • To study in the Masters or Doctoral Program at the Graduate School of Science.
  • Applicants who have already graduated from their latest degree program should have a final grade point of 2.30 or higher, while current students should have a grade point of 2.30 or higher for their current courses, and both should be expected to maintain the same academic standards during the course of the scholarship program.
  • Grade points shall be calculated according to a formula specified by MEXT.
  • Furthermore, students must meet one of the criteria given under “(7) Language Proficiency” given below.
  • Please refer to (11) Non-eligibility 5. to confirm your eligibility.


  1. Allowance
  2. Traveling Costs
  3. School Fees


For a recipient who will register in a Master’s Program or Doctoral Program, the scholarship will be payable for the standard period of time required for the recipient to complete his or her program (standard course term), starting from October 2024.

  • Master’s Program = October 2024 – September 2026 (2 years)
  • Doctoral Program = October 2024 – September 2027 (3 years)

(2)Extension of the Scholarship Period


Letter of recommendation from “dean or above”

This letter must fulfill all of the following conditions:

  1. The name of the addressee stated in the letter must be “the President of the University of Tokyo”
  2. The letter must be printed on your university’s letterhead.
  3. The letter must be written by and signed by a dean or above. A digital signature is not acceptable.


Application Instructions:

  • Applicants must submit the required documents for MEXT Scholarship after completing their admission application for entering the Master’s/Doctoral Program, following the “Instructions for International Students applying to the Graduate School of Science (Special Selection for International Applicants)”.
  • These documents must be written in either Japanese or English. They must be created in A4 format using software such as MS Word and must be printed double-sided (duplex printing). A document written in any other language must be accompanied by a Japanese translation.
  • Submitted documents will not be returned.
  • An application that passed the submission deadline is not acceptable.
  • An application will not be considered unless all application forms and necessary documents are completed correctly and all accompanying documents are complete.
  • In some countries, a graduation certificate and other documents are issued by a government administrative office. In this case, the University of Tokyo may need to confirm with a student’s previous university that the certificate issued contains no erroneous information.
  • Applicants must submit the required documents to apply for the MEXT Scholarship after applying for admission to the Graduate School of Science (Master’s/Doctoral Program).
  • For an application to count, both the MEXT scholarship application and the Graduate School of Science admission application must be completed before the application deadline through the respective online forms.


To submit the electronic application, applicants must upload all application documents through the specified application form, as instructed below, before the application deadline. Note that other forms of submission such as via email will not be accepted.

Application Deadline: October 31, 2023

2024/2025 University of Tokyo MEXT Scholarship for International Students

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