The 2023 THRIVE Global Impact Challenge for Innovative Agriculture Startups

The 2023 THRIVE Global Impact Challenge for Innovative Agriculture Startups

The 2023 THRIVE Global Impact Challenge for Innovative Agriculture Startups



The 2023 THRIVE Global Impact Challenge is a reputable global competition planned to discover and accelerate the most innovative agriculture startups in the world. This challenge will produce unparalleled resources and support to assist drive the development of new, pioneering approaches to the agricultural industry.

The THRIVE Global Impact Challenge is a global search for the most innovative startups that are putting forward a more sustainable future for agriculture. Save the date and partake in this incredible summit shaping the future of innovation.


THRIVE Global Impact Summit

Partake in the pinnacle event of the Global Impact Challenge at the 2023 THRIVE Global Impact Summit. Join us on November 2nd as the top eight companies chosen from the challenge raise their groundbreaking solutions to investors, government officials, and industry leaders.

Apply now for the chance to display your company center stage at this reputable event. Engage yourself in motivating talks, captivating panels, and networking opportunities with like-minded individuals.

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Finalists from each theme will progress to the finals and pitch at the THRIVE Global Impact Summit where the overall winner will be declared.


The Winning company obtains the THRIVE Global Impact Challenge Award and a position in the award-winning THRIVE Global Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley. Additionally, the winner will also obtain:

  1. Investment from SVG Ventures up to $1 Million USD
  2. Silicon Valley Startup Bootcamp in March 2024 for two founders, hosted by THRIVE (valued at $15k USD)
  3. Impact Strategy Program sponsored by ICL Planet Startup Hub


These selection criteria will help us recognize and support startups and entrepreneurs who are actively operating towards creating sustainable and impactful solutions positioned with our mission and vision.


Applicants must be early-stage startups or entrepreneurs at the Seed to Series A stage. We invite innovative ideas and solutions that possess the potential for growth and scalability.


We welcome applications worldwide. Entrepreneurs and startups from any country or region are urged to apply, as we value various perspectives and global collaboration.


Applicants should display a clear alignment with one or more of the above focus areas. Solutions should tackle the specific challenges within these areas and offer innovative approaches for positive impact.


While not compulsory, we highly value applicants who can display a proven impact on climate and the environment. This comprises showcasing real outcomes, data-driven results, or successful enforcement of solutions that have positively affected sustainability, carbon reduction, biodiversity, or other environmental aspects.

Application Deadline: July 28, 2023

The 2023 THRIVE Global Impact Challenge for Innovative Agriculture Startups

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