The 2024 Melton Foundation Global Solvers Accelerator Programme

The 2024 Melton Foundation Global Solvers Accelerator Programme

The 2024 Melton Foundation Global Solvers Accelerator Programme

Apply now for the 2024 Melton Foundation Global Solvers Accelerator Programme on Truesport your best worldwide scholarship website on the internet. The Global Solvers Accelerator welcomes emergent agents of social change around the globe for an impact-driven, project-focused, learning journey. Over the course of eight months, participants learn and work together to build collective leadership competencies, refine social impact initiatives they are spearheading in their communities, and ignite transformative change that cuts across boundaries of sector, place, and identity, furthering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The Global Solvers Accelerator make that space for emerging change agents to exchange and cooperate genuinely and develop their work while contributing to those of others. By embracing transformation as an impetus for sustainable development beyond business-as-usual, our 8-month program accelerates social impact projects through cross-boundary exchange and collaborative action.

Selected among hundreds of applicants worldwide, chosen participants will work together to refine and scale the social impact projects they are spearheading in their respective communities. Through an intentionally designed learning journey, subject matter advisory, leading-edge thematic contributions, and ample peer exchange and collaboration, the program provides a springboard for participants to tap into the fullest transformative potential of their sustainable development endeavors!


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The Global Solvers Accelerator welcomes emerging change agents from different world regions around developing competencies for global citizenship, sustainable development, and collective leadership.

Over the course of eight months, participants that took part in purposefully designed module topics, blended learning, project assignments, peer exchange, and subject matter advisory in order to build their capacity and amplify the transformative potential of their social impact projects. However, the Global Solvers Accelerator results in cumulative impact at three levels:

  • The individual level, by building participants’ capacity for leadership and social impact.
  • The community level, by unleashing the transformative potential of participants’ social impact projects.
  • The systemic level, by intersecting different local approaches and contextual know-how, thus creating ripple effects of societal transformation and SDG attainment.


The Global Solvers Accelerator is a collective learning journey with and for participants from across the globe, who are looking to transform the world! The programme is open to young community development practitioners who are

  • Aged between 20 – 35 years,
  • Curious, responsible, forward-thinking, with a proven track record of social impact, and actively engaged in or leading a local impact project currently?
  • Looking to connect with like-minded peers to make a better sense of the world together


Capacity Building

The program is a springboard for participants to pivot their capacity in areas like collective leadership, transformative impact, and systemic design. Through stimulating thematic contributions, peer exchange, subject matter advisory, and project assignments, participants boost their leadership competencies as well as their global citizenship skills.

Furthering Impact

The 8-month learning journey connects emerging change agents worldwide to refine their social impact initiatives, activate their collective leadership potential, and together ignite transformative change that cuts across barriers of place and identity, furthering the SDGs.

Melton Fellowship

Upon successful completion of the program, participants are eligible to join the Melton Foundation’s lifelong supported community as Senior Melton Fellows, gaining access to a global community of over 600 change catalysts across the globe, project funding through our Action Grants, travel opportunities to global impact events, and more.


During the program, actively engaged participants will be invited to attend a fully-funded in-person retreat. Connecting hearts, hands, and minds, the Global So

Application Deadline: December 15, 2023.

The 2024 Melton Foundation Global Solvers Accelerator Programme

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