The 2023 Ecobank Fintech Challenge for African Entrepreneurs

The 2023 Ecobank Fintech Challenge for African Entrepreneurs

The 2023 Ecobank Fintech Challenge for African Entrepreneurs

The 2023 Ecobank Fintech Challenge for African Entrepreneurs is a competition that provides African entrepreneurs with the opportunity to showcase the use of technologybased solutions to address key issues in the African banking industry. The competition seeks to encourage emerging and ambitious entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions to improve the banking industry operations and customer experience.

Ecobank Fintech Challenge is a pan-African innovation competition and business partnership offered by Ecobank. It is organized to inspire, support, and partner with African Fintechs, with a goal to grow the reach of innovative Fintech and banking-related products.

The Ecobank Fintech Challenge recognizes and partners with Fintechs that are eager to scale and offers them support and access to opportunities in Ecobank’s 35 African markets. The goal is to contribute to their growth as potential Pan African Fintech success stories.

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Eligibility Conditions for the 2023 Ecobank Fintech Challenge

  • All Fintechs with an Africa-Focused or Africa-relevant product are qualified to apply to the Fintech challenge.
  • These products must address one or more of a specific set of pain points:
    • Customer experience
    • Financial inclusion
    • Credit scoring
    • Ecosystem Aggregation
    • Internal tools
    • Payments
    • Any other relevant product categories


Be a finalist, get inducted as an Ecobank Fintech Fellow, and acquire an opportunity to explore the following opportunities:

  1. This a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to follow integration with Ecobank and potentially launch products in Ecobank’s over 30 markets across Africa.
  2. The top three winners at the Challenge will be granted $15,000, $12,000, and $10,000 cash prizes respectively.
  3. Start-ups may be selected by Ecobank as local country-level partners in any of Ecobank’s 33 country ecosystems.
  4. Fellows will be given access to a dedicated team to support Ecobank’s API tests, to enable Ecobank to improve their products for the pan-African market.
  5. Founders will be inducted as Ecobank Fintech Fellows, granting them access and relationships to a vast network of global and African Accelerators, potential Investors, as well as mentors.
  6. The Challenge offers opportunities for Fintechs to potentially integrate with Ecobank’s existing digital offerings. The existing digital offerings include Ecobank Omni, Ecobank electronic financial supply chain(eFSC), Ecobank Xpress, Ecobank Mobile APP or USSD, MasterPass™ QR, mVISA™ & mCash, etc




The 2023 Ecobank Fintech Challenge for African Entrepreneurs

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