The 2024 KECTIL Youth Leadership Program

The 2024 KECTIL Youth Leadership Program

The 2024 KECTIL Youth Leadership Program

Apply now for the The 2024 KECTIL Youth Leadership Program on Truesport your best worldwide scholarship website on the internet. The KECTIL Program was organized to identify and encourage highly talented youth in developing countries who have the potential to create a positive difference in their communities and countries


KECTIL that refers to the Knowles Educational and Charitable Trust for International Leadership, is based on the following basis:

  1. Building an authentic, collaborative network of high potential youth from developing and least developed countries can break down prejudices, lead to cultural, religious and gender understanding and give youth the comfort that they are more than just themselves– they are part of a mutual youth-based support system with the goal to make a positive difference in their lives, their Colleagues’ lives and the lives of those in their communities.
  2. Identifying, embracing and mentoring high potential youth (17-24) from developing and least developed countries can have a dramatic effect on the youths’ dreams, service to others and life accomplishments.
  3. Nothing comes easy and there is “no free lunch.” The results will not be achieved without hard work, dedication and an open mindedness to cultural understanding and compassion.

Kectil comprises of the following program categories:

  • Web-Based Mentoring Program
    • Monthly Kectil Talks with Leaders in Science, Business, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Public Service
  • Assignments & Sharing
    • Connect with other students on social media (Facebook & Twitter) with facilitated web-based group discussions
  • Youth Leadership Conference
    • Intensive Leadership Training, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop, Meetings with Successful Leaders, and Creation of Network of Youth Peers in Developing Countries
  • Alumni Web-Portal
    • Maintenance of Network of Youth Peers in Developing Countries, Interaction with New Youth Participants, Availability of Mentorship from Program

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Participants must be talented youths (between the ages of 17-25) in least developed and developing countries who have shown a talent and passion for leadership, scholarship or innovation.

Participants are excellent in English and have access to a computer and the internet.



Number of Awardees: 15


  1. The Kectil Program will choose fifteen of the most active participants in the Web-based Program to be granted a special award.
  2. The participants will have attended all of the Sessions and completed the online pre and post assignments.
  3. The Kectil Program will host a Youth Leadership Conference in Atlanta the first week of August 2018 for a group of highly suitable youth from least developed and developing countries.
  4. The conference will include intensive leadership training, an innovation and entrepreneurial workshop, community service training, and meetings with successful leaders in a small group interactive setting.
  5. The Conference will provide additional instruction over and above the year-long web-based program to Kectil Colleagues who have the greatest potential to be future leaders and who come from communities in most need of passionate and positive youth role models.
  6. The Conference will be held on the campus of Emory University. Participants will stay in University dormitory rooms and will eat in a cafeteria serviced by the University dining program




The 2024 KECTIL Youth Leadership Program

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