The MILEAD Fellows Program 2023 for African Women Leaders

The MILEAD Fellows Program 2023 for African Women Leaders

The MILEAD Fellows Program 2023 for African Women Leaders

Apply now for The MILEAD Fellows Program 2023 for African Women Leaders on Trueport your best worldwide scholarship website on the internet. The MILEAD Fellows Program is a one-year leadership development program designed to identify, develop and promote emerging young African Women leaders to attain and succeed in leadership across Africa. The program targets dynamic young women interested in developing transformational leadership skills that help them tackle issues affecting women and girls in their communities.


Join the 2023 MiLEAD Fellows Program for Young African Women Leaders!

Over the past 14 years, MILEAD Fellows have gone on to lead bold transformative, and paradigm-shifting change at various levels- breaking barriers, implementing live-changing initiatives to end injustice and transform lives, and disrupting systems and cultures that discriminate against women and girls.


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If you’re an exceptional emerging African woman leader who’s ready to be a game-changer, we want you to apply!

The program is designed to identify, develop, and promote a new generation of young African female leaders to attain and thrive in critical leadership across Africa.

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Requirements for The MILEAD Fellows Program 2023

MILEAD is looking for dynamic young women between the ages of 19-25 who are interested in developing transformational leadership skills that help them address issues facing women and girls across communities in Africa. The MILEAD Program equips Fellows with the world-class knowledge, skills, values, and support systems they need to succeed as 21st-century women leaders.


  • The MILEAD Fellowship will be awarded to 25 outstanding young women who have exhibited leadership potential in their community, organization, and/or profession.
  • The program includes a three-week residential Summer Institute in Ghana and a community change project.
  • Selected candidates may remain full-time students or work full-time for the program duration, except during the 3-week summer institute.
  • The three-week MILEAD Summer Institute: All selected fellows must commit their availability on a full-time basis for the 3-week residential summer institute from July 10 to August 2, 2023; and to participate in the rest of the program from their home country or country of residence.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS & FEES: Only a limited number of selected candidates will receive full scholarships.   The fee for the 2023 MILEAD Institute is $4,500 and covers travel, accommodation, tuition, all meals, site visits, local events, training materials, and all program-related costs. Moremi Initiative will ensure the participation of all selected candidates regardless of their financial situation. No qualified candidate will be denied participation due to financial need.


  • February 2023: Applications Open
  • March 22, 2023: Application deadline.
  • March- April: Applications review and shortlisting.
  • May: Interviews with shortlisted candidates.
  • May 30, 2023: Official announcement of 2023 MILEAD Fellows.
  • July 12- August 2, 2023: 2023 MILEAD Leadership Institute.
  • Sept. 2023- Aug 2023: Online Seminars & International Programs.
  • October 2023- Fellows activate and launch MiCHANGE community projects.
  • Sept 2023- Sept 2023: Implementation of MiCHANGE Projects.
  • September 2023- On-going: Mentoring, Networking, and Solidarity

Application Procedure:

  • The application deadline is Wednesday 22 March 2023, and completed application forms must be submitted along with a CV and two recommendation letters.
  • All applications and supporting documents must be submitted via email.
  • Please review the program and application guidelines carefully before completing your application. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a part of a community of game-changing women leaders in Africa.


The MILEAD Fellows Program 2023 for African Women Leaders

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