The UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills in Action Photo Competition 2023

The UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills in Action Photo Competition 2023

The 2023 UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills in Action Photo Competition

The UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills in Action Photo Competition 2023

Apply now for the UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills in Action Photo Competition 2023 on Truesport your best worldwide scholarship website on the internet. UNESCOUNEVOC has launched a Skills in Action Photo Competition intended to display the transformational power of TVET in countries around the world, with a concentration on youth and their resilience. The competition is available to professional, amateur, and student photographers aged 18 or above from all around the world to capture and communicate the benefits of TVET and the tangible impact it can have on individuals and their communities.

Are you an amateur or professional photographer with an interest in youth skills? Don’t miss your chance to join the UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills in Action Photo Competition! 

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  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be the owner or copyright holder of the photo entry or entries
  • Photos should show the innovative aspects of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

UNESCO-UNEVOC wants you to capture fascinating moments showcasing how TVET is empowering young people between the ages of 15-29 with skills for the future. This year’s theme is “Skilling Youth for the Future” and submissions should concentrate on one or all of the following:

  1. TVET for a sustainable future: Photos highlighting green jobs and skills
  2. Skills for a digitalized world: Photos highlighting the digitalization of training and work
  3. Inclusive TVET: Photos highlighting the importance of ensuring equal access to quality TVET, regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, or disability.



  • Decide on your thematic area(s) of focus. This will ensure that your entry avoids being filtered out for not adhering to the theme.
  • Use a camera that can output high-resolution photos with a minimum of 3000 pixels on the longest side with a 300 DPI/PPI setting. Exempted from this are photos taken using mobile phones in the highest resolution (acceptance of this type of entry is based on the quality of the submission).
  • Ensure that you have the consent of the people in the picture, especially if the focus is on a single person.
  • You can make simple edits to the photo but these need to be specified in the submission form.


  • Don’t submit an entry of a photo collage (multiple photos on one frame).
  • Don’t put watermarks, signatures, or any overlays on your picture.
  • Don’t send pictures that are not related to any of the thematic areas.


The winners of the Skills in Action Photo Competition 2023 will be given the following prizes:

1st prize – 750 USD

2nd prize – 500 USD

3rd prize – 350 USD

Winning photographers and finalists will obtain a certificate, and their entries will be featured on UNESCO’s website and across different social media channels. All submissions accepted will become the property of UNESCO and will be eligible for use in future UNESCO media campaigns, publications, and promotional material.



  1. All entries should be submitted with a title, a brief paragraph (not more than 75 words) explaining the context of the photo, along with where and when it was taken.
  2. All photos submitted should be in jpeg format. You are urged to submit Raw/Tiff files when possible. The longer side should be at least 3,000 pixels.
  3. Photographers are allowed to digitally manipulate entries slightly and state the nature of the manipulation.
  4. Please do not include any marks, logos, watermarks, or borders in your photos.
  5. Your photos should be related to the theme mentioned above.


After taking your photo(s):

  1. Add a title and write a short description for every photo.
  2. Rename the photo(s) in this format: Lastname_Firstname_title.jpeg (for example: Smith_John_Digital-Futures.jpeg/.tiff)
  3. Download and complete the submission form and rename the form in this format: Lastname_Firstname_SAPC23.docx
  4. Make sure you agree with the Terms and Conditions listed in the submission form.
  5. Send the completed form and the original photo files to unevoc.skills(at), with the following email subject heading: Lastname_Firstname_SAPC23. Note that the attachment size may have a limit.
  6. In case of multiple entries that cannot be sent via email, you can use any cloud storage servers you prefer and provide us with the direct link (no sign-up or password required) to download. (WeTransfer is an example of an online file-sharing service).

Application Deadline:  31 August 2023.

The UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills in Action Photo Competition 2023

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