The 2024 AIG Public Leaders Programme (AIG PLP)

The 2024 AIG Public Leaders Programme (AIG PLP)

The 2024 AIG Public Leaders Programme (AIG PLP)

The 2024 AIG Public Leaders Programme (AIG PLP) presents aspiring African public sector leaders a special opportunity to advance their leadership capacity and obtain the skills and knowledge needed to foster change. The Programme run in collaboration with the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government, the programme offers an intensive, world-class executive education experience, led by some of the world’s leading public policy experts and teachers.

The programme is organized to make sure these senior public leaders, and those moving into senior leadership in the public sector over the next three to seven years, master a range of new skills as quickly as possible. Participants have an exceptional opportunity to develop the conceptual frameworks and practical tools they need to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing and complex world.

The experience is intense and demanding, engaging participants through classroom discussion, practical exercises, simulations and group work. The programme aims to empower participants with the skills needed to build transformative cultures of excellence, effectiveness, and integrity throughout the public institutions they lead, and across the broader public sector. Their success is their country’s benefit.

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Below are guidelines on eligibility:

  • Be citizens of any African country and actively working within the public sector in Africa
  • Have a minimum of seven years of working experience.
  • Be at Grade-level 12 and above
  • Must not exceed 50 years of age


  • Live Classes

The programme starts with four days of live online classes, with the opportunity for meetings with faculty on the  fifth day.

  • Online Learning

The next four weeks consist of self-paced online learning, with Teaching Assistants facilitating the online discussion boards

  • Residential Programme

The one-week residential programme in Abuja is the most demanding part of the programme, with Blatvanik School faculty teaching live at the venue and via video

  • Project Development

After the residential week, there is a window of time during which you will develop your capstone project

Project Review

In the final part of the programme, a review of the projects will take place, as well as the final closing activities and awards


  1. Communicating effectively
  2. Harnessing digital technology
  3. Reducing cognitive bias in decision-making
  4. Strengthening organisational effectiveness
  5. Maintaining personal integrity


  • Friday, 23 February 2024: Applications Open
  • Tuesday, 30 April 2024: Applications Close
  • May 2024: Stage 1 – Computer-Based Tests
  • 2nd week June 2024: Stage 2 – Essays Submission
  • 4th week June 2024: Stage 3 – Video Interview
  • August 2024: Final Selection
  • October 2024: Programme Commencement

Application Deadline: 30 April 2024.

The 2024 AIG Public Leaders Programme (AIG PLP)

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